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The companyís mission :

Our activities are targeted at ensuring efficient electric power transmission for electric power complex and businesses pertaining to the other industries of the Russian Federation, by way of constructing, refurbishing and retrofitting power facilities, with the most state-of-the-art technologies and technical solutions employed, in full compliance with the delivery terms and the respective quality requirements.

Nowadays, Sevzapelectrosetístroy (= the North West Electric Power Supply Networks Construction Company) is :

  • 15% of the national market of electric power supply network facilities construction.
  • One of Russiaís largest construction companies with the turnover of RUR 6 billion.
  • One of the first companies in Russia to deliver electric power supply network facilities on the turnkey basis.
8 Oct 2007
The first 330 kV cable line in Russia is finished.

27 Jul 2007
Construction and adjustment of the Knyajegoubskaya, the first power substation 330 kV behind the Arctic Circle is finished with the substation incorporated into northern power transit.

12 Jul 2007
The first 330 kV cable line in Russia is launched during the solemn ceremony at the Rjevskaya 330 kV power substation (St.Petersburg)

9 Jul 2007
Construction of the second circuit of 330 kV overhead transition line from the Kolskaya nuclear power plant to the Knyajegoubskaya 330 kV power substation is finished in Mourmansk region

9 Jul 2007
The Sevzapelectrosetstroy JSC celebrates its 67th anniversary.

7 Jul 2007
The Enterprise #46 affiliated JSC celebrates its 45th anniversary

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